A set of “Casanova”

Active substance: Viagra + Cialis + Levitra
Product: Blister shop_17
Dosage: 100 mg
Country of origin: India
Shelf life: Up to

You may not use generics and not sure which of the drugs specifically suit you – Viagra, Levitra or Cialis? Then a special set of “Casanova” will help you understand. It contains two tablets of each formulation. Using a set, you can easily pick up a drug that is optimal for you. All drugs included in the set-probe “Casanova”, have similar effects, but contain different active substances. And it is not the fact that you will accept Viagra, which is the most famous drug. Many men say, Levitra or Cialis action is best for them. The minimum set includes: – Viagra, 2 tablets of 100 mg – Cialis, 2 tablets of 20 mg – Generic Levitra, 2 tablets of 20 mg.