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Tips on Making You Look Gorgeous

Although self-esteem should not really be based on how you are externally, most of the time our externals are the ones that help boost it especially if we receive compliments from many people. To be called gorgeous and stunning by people is something that is pleasing to the ears, and there is nothing wrong to hear it once in a while. There are ways you can try so that you can hear this compliment more often and this can help you feel good about yourself.

If you are so used to using just one brand and color of lipstick, because it scares you to try something else, maybe it is time to do just that – try something else. You can look better than you are now if you find a new brand and color of lipstick that looks great on your face. Try using the trendy types like the ombre lips which you can achieve by mixing two shades together and with this your lips will attain a plumping effect. The color on the outside should be the darkest color. Full glitter lips are for those who want to try something bold. You can use this type of lipstick for your night out, dancing with your friends. This type of lipstick would draw people’s attention to your lips and make you really feel gorgeous.

Your routine with your skin is another area where you should try to get out of your comfort zone. There are many people who use the same skin cream products ever since they were younger. And the products they use are for prevention of skin issues. Growing older will let your skin have different needs unlike the ones you need when you were younger. As you grow older, the skin care products you used during your teenage years is no longer suitable for your type of skin now. Your skin care products should already be focused on anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products if you have grown more old. Older people use another kind of moisturizer not like the one they used when they had younger sin. It is also great to start getting regular facial treatments like wrinkle fillers and salon spa facials so that the aging effect is minimized.

You can also try something new with your eyes. You can use a different shade of eye shadow from the one you are used to putting on. Or, you can study how to apply your eye shadow so that it makes your eyes pop. The tip for doing this is to use a darker shadow in the crease of your eye and a lighter one on the inside corner of the lid. IT is also ideal to put a little dash of peartlescent white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye. Since it will make your eyes look as open as possible, you will really look gorgeous with it.